Property and Transport Services

The Property and Transport Services (PTS) includes the Transport Services (TS) and the Physical Plant Services (PPS).

Transport Services caters to the transportation needs of IRRI employees; from fleet management, to dispatching, to motor vehicle repairs and administrative services. TS also follows a comprehensive program for vehicle registration, drivers’ training and licensing, and motor vehicle safety. Issuance of IRRI Driving Permit is also one of the services offered by the TS.

Physical Plant Services, on the other hand, is IRRI's facility management unit that maintains and operates the Institute's buildings, staff housing, technical plants, roads, utility services, and other infrastructure.

Shuttle schedules

For Transport Services inquiries, contact:

Lito Cabral
Officer - Administrative Coordination

+63 2580 5600 (ext. 2511)

Jen Estay
Sr. Assistant - Administrative Coordination

+63 2580 5600 (ext. 2579)